Phrase List Creator

Got a Long List?

The phrase list window in WordCruncher only accepts one word at a time. If you have a long list of words that you want to use, manually entering each word will take a long time.

Instead of creating your phrase list within WordCruncher, you can use this tool to convert your list of words into a phrase list file (WSLX). You can import this file into the phrase lists window of WordCruncher.

Create the Phrase List (WSLX) File

  1. Enter each word or phrase, separated by a new line.
  2. Click Create Phrase List.

Import the Phrase List

  1. Open the WordCruncher search window.
  2. Click the Phrase Lists tab.
  3. Click Options >
    Import a Phrase List (add it to "Phrase Lists")
  4. Select the WSLX file and click Open.
  5. Select the phrase list and click Insert.
  6. Click Go.

Edit the Phrase List

If you need to edit the phrase list after importing, you can easily make changes like editing the phrase list to add or remove words from the list. Because the phrase list creator automatically assigns a description based on the first few words of the list, you may also want to edit the description and write your own.

  1. Select the phrase list.
  2. Click Options > Edit the Phrase List.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click Save.