I have used WordCruncher’s Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library and Hebrew Bible for more than twenty years. WordCruncher is an indispensable resource for academic presentations and publications because it enables scholars to access the scrolls in ways not possible through other means. It offers complex, instantaneous, and comprehensive searches of the texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, or English (phrase, single word, and wildcard searches), corpus linguistic studies, an examination of lexical and morphological values, and much more.

I have written and published dozens of academic, peer-reviewed articles and books with the aid of WordCruncher!

I also use WordCruncher regularly for classroom instruction as we conduct lexical, morphological, and orthographic studies in the Hebrew Bible and the scrolls, and paleographic studies as we view WordCruncher’s 900 plus scroll images. Such approaches enhance learning for students in ways not possible twenty-five years ago.

Donald W. Parry
Professor, Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls
Brigham Young University
Dec. 2017