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WordCruncher is an electronic text viewer with several tools to facilitate in-depth study of important texts. You can look for specific references, search for words or phrases, perform simple word frequency distribution studies, study multiple languages in synchronized windows, and see various reports (e.g., collocation, vocabulary dispersion, vocabulary usage). You can print, copy, or save the results of your searches. You can also personalize your study by adding bookmarks, marking the scriptures with a highlighter, or making notes.

WordCruncher has been used to publish several Electronic Libraries including: the Dead Sea Scrolls, Joseph Smith Translation, Popul Vuh, and others. You can download WordCruncher without charge.

LDS View is a version of WordCruncher for studying the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 30 languages. You can download LDS View and the scriptures in any available languages without charge.

WordCruncher Publishing Toolkit allows users to index a text, including very large multilingual Unicode documents.  It supports the addition of graphics, hyperlinks to text or multimedia files, and tags (such as part of speech, definitions, lemma, etc.).

The academic version of the WordCruncher Publishing Toolkit, which includes the indexing program, is also available for non-commercial use. This free version comes with help files and examples. Limited email support is available. Contact us for information regarding commercial use, training, or contract services.

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